Free Range Stuffed Turkey Breast Joint

Turkey breast joints are boneless breast joints that are rolled and netted for an easy carve, no waste joint. This stuffed joint has Pastures Farm special sausage meat and sage & onion stuffing in the middle. Perfect for those who prefer the white meat…and they take up a lot less room in the fridge and oven!

1.5kg/3.3lb – 3-5 servings

2kg/4.5lb – 5-6 servings

2.5kg/5.5lb – 7-8 servings

3kg/6.5lb – 8-9 servings

3.5kg/7.7lb – 10 servings

4kg/8.8lb – 11-12 servings

4.5kg/10lb – 12-13 servings

All will come packaged and oven ready.

Collections for Christmas will be on Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd or Friday 24th.


  • Ingredients: Dried Onion, Breadcrumb (WHEAT), dried sage, seasoning, sausage meat, rusk (WHEAT)

From: £30.00