Barn Reared Turkey

Our barn reared turkeys are from Heart of England Farms near Warwick and we have been working with them for many years. They rear and produce these turkeys to the highest welfare standards They are fed on a cereal-based diet, housed in buildings with plenty of space, ventilation and light and bedded on comfortable straw.  Although called ‘Barn Reared’ they allow the turkeys room to wander from within the stables to outside space. This provides interest for them during daylight hours with extra space to move around of their own free will. Even a heavy rain shower doesn’t send them running back for cover!!

The whole turkeys are available to collect from us on the 23rd or 24th December (select your preferred collection date at the checkout).

Please select the size you require from the drop down menu (the price will change accordingly). See below for serving suggestions.

* Please note – weights may vary slightly, therefore the prices are a guide. We will do our best to be exact! *

3kg/ – serves 5-6

3.5kg/7.7lb – serves 6-7

4kg/8.8lb – serves 7-8

4.5kg/10lb – serves 8-9

5kg/11lb – serves 9-10

5.5kg/12lb – serves 10-11

6kg/13.25lb – serves 11-12

6.5kg/14.5lb – serves 12-13

7kg/15.5lb – serves 13-14

7.5kg/16.5lb – serves 14-15

8kg/17.5lb – serves 15-16

8.5kg/19lb – serves 16-17

9kg/20lb – serves 17-18

9.5kg/21lb – serves 18-19

10kg/22lb – serves 19-20

From: £30.00

Barn Turkey Size

10kg/22lb, 3.5kg/7.7lb, 3kg/6.5lb, 4.5kg/10lb, 4kg/8.8lb, 5.5kg/12lb, 5kg/11lb, 6.5kg/14.5lb, 6kg/13.25lb, 7.5kg/16.5lb, 7kg/15.5lb, 8.5kg/19lb, 8kg/17.5lb, 9.5kg/21lb, 9kg/20lb