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  • Chequered Flag Ale

    Engineered with a complex array of malts and hops, this dark amber beer has a sweet chocolate caramel body balanced with a clean citrus finish.

    Made locally at Silverstone Brewery<...

  • Classic IPA

    A bold traditional IPA, built for endurance. Full bodied, bitter-sweet and slightly smoky, with a powerful hit of tropical fruit for good measure.

    Made locally by Silverstone Brewe...

  • Ignition

    Our pace-setting extra pale ale is low in strength but high on flavour. Supercharged with hops it delivers a strong floral aroma and a full fruity finish.

    Made locally by Silversto...

  • Octane

    This premium pale ale is fuelled with extra malts and five hop varieties to provide a clean and crisp beer with more body and a slight toffee sweetness.

    Made locally by Silverstone...

  • Podium

    When you have two great beers like Pit Stop and Chequered Flag, it is hard to find a beer to equal them. The solution? Brew something that combines the best of both. The sweet caramel mal...