What We Grow

The list is pretty endless and varies from year to year but here is a brief idea!


The farm grows about 20 acres of potatoes, of which 10 acres are Wilja (white potato) and Desiree (red potato). These are sold in the shop and are excellent all round potatoes; but the red Desiree are better for Mash and the Wilja are better for chips. The remaining 10 acres are grown for the chips in the farmhouse kitchen and sometimes sold to local merchants who supply the chips shops locally. The waste potatoes are feed to the cattle and the few pigs we have and if lucky, the horses have a few too! Availability – August to April.

Other Vegetables

Pumpkins- about 3000 pumpkins are grown- mainly for Halloween but for cooking too.  They make great soup and are delicious roasted. Availability – September – December

Asparagus– an acre of asparagus is grown with different varieties to try and extend the season.  We know that like all good food this definitely tastes best in season. Availability – very weather dependant but April to June generally.

Rhubarb– the first of the years “fruit”, although technically not a fruit.  Beautiful in pies or crumbles. Availability- End February – May

Experiments– we try a few new crops each year and this years focus is sprouting broccoli and Brussel sprouts, sadly though the pigeons love them too.



We grow a vast array of fruits, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, red currants, white currants, tayberries, plums and cherries and soon we will add pears and blueberries to the list!

Availability – We generally have fruit (strawberries being are biggest crop) in the shop from end of May- October. Cherries June – July.


The Arable

We also have some arable land that James grows wheat, barley and Oil seed rape on.  The barley is used as feed for our pigs and cattle and the straw to bed them down in the winter.